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Death & Strawberry

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Death & Strawberry: Writing Challenge Community
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& About Community

This is a BLEACH anime/manga-based writing challenge community created and maintained by me, gal (firstmidnight). I created it because I quite like the idea of writing challenge community. I'd been debating creating one but didn't know what to use as a prompt and came up with the idea when someone mentioned they use the BLEACH manga chapter titles as writing prompts because they find them quite inspiring.

I mentioned that might make an interesting Writing Challenge Comm... so yea. Here we are.

Aren't you glad you read that little bit of history?

& Rules

1. You have to be a member of the community to enter each challenge.

2. You have to be a member of the community to vote in each challenge.

3. If you entered a drabble to a challenge, you HAVE to vote.

4. Try not to vote for yourself, please.

5. You may only enter one drabble per contest.

6. The entries have to be newly written -- not drabbles or ficlets or chapters of fics written long ago that happen to fit the prompt.

7. After the winner are posted, the author of the winning drabble will get to choose the manga chapter title to next use as a contest prompt.
* Note: We are using the generally accepted translations of the Japanese manga titles, not Viz's translations of the Bleach manga chapters. How are they different? Well this Challenge Comm is called "Death & Strawberry" not "Strawberry & The Soul Reapers", for one. Won a contest and don't know all the chapter titles? Here ya go!

8. Other than getting to pick the next chapter title prompt, there are no prizes given in this community other than bragging rights. Why? Because I'm poor and my imaging and stuff like that skills are sucktastic. See our community mascot: Stick Figure Hisagi Shuuhei, Vice Captain of the Stick Figure 9th Division of the Stick Figure Gotei 13. Yup, I drew him. Aren't you jealous of my mad skillz? If you win a lot of times in a row or something. Maybe I'll make you a stick figure shinigami.

9. If you didn't win, don't hassle the person who got more votes than you did. If you won, don't rub it in. That's mean. I will ban people if I must if they're sore winners or losers. Don't make me.

10. Even though the prompts are manga chapter titles, that doesn't mean the drabbles written for entry have to take place IN those chapters. Take this drabble I wrote for bleach_liners for instance. It is set during the manga chapter, "Insanity & Genius" (primarily). It would be acceptable for a contest based on that manga chapter. So would a drabble written about Mayuri (insanity) and Urahara (genius). That's what I like about the manga chapter titles. They're very open to interpretation. ^_^

11. Entry drabbles are to be based on BLEACH. Duh. ^^;

12. Have fun!

& Schedule

(I am going to do this with arbitrary dates just for example. This occurs every two weeks. X is the month number.)

Sunday X.1 -- Chapter title prompt is announced. Submission period begins!

Sunday X.8 -- Submission period ends at 6:00 PM CST (GMT -6)
Sunday X.8 -- Links to each entry from the week are posted for review, rereading, and the members to cast their vote for their favorite(s)!

Saturday X.14 -- Voting period ends at 6:00 PM CST (GMT -6)
Saturday X.14 -- Winner is announced! Winner chooses the next chapter prompt for the next challenge.

& Submission Format and Voting

To submit a drabble/fic to the contest, submit within the submission period! Post your submission as a new post to the community. You can subject your post with the Challenge number or chapter title or "Bob". I'm not that picky.

Please though, do use this format when posting your entry. Just so people know what they're getting into spoiler- and character-wise:

Title: Title!
Author: you (better be you =p). You can put your online pseudonym or LJ name, either works for me.
Challenge: Challenge #X - "Chapter title"
Characters: The characters in the drabble.
Spoilers: Whatever spoilers that might be in your drabble.
Notes: This part is optional. Authors' notes I think are just fun. ^_^

Then LJ-CUT your drabble. Or fake LJ-cut it to your writing comm or personal journal.

And that's it! That's submitting!

Now for the other half of this community. Voting. To start off the voting week, I will make a post with the links to the submitted drabbles and their authors with a reminder to vote before whatever date. Comments to this post will be SCREENED. Members of the community will make a comment to this post stating their one favorite drabble.

If there are a good deal of entries, for example 10, I may up the voting to 1st and 2nd place choices. I will note this in the voting entry if I do.

If there are not a good deal of entries, for example 3, I may extend the submission time another few days or even another week. Again, I will note this in the post.


Why do you have a mascot?

I like having a mascot. ^_^ And I'm the maintainer. I can do what I want. What, you don't have a mascot for your life? That's sad.

That's a pretty crappy drawing for that mascot.
Silence, heathen. Those are my art skillz and Stick Figure Hisagi doesn't complain. Don't diss the mascot. Or the icon. The icon is love. No more questions about the Stick Figure Mascot!

So you're the only one who sees the votes?

How do we know this contest isn't rigged?
I'm very fair when it comes to things like this. I ran an icon-test community and was the only one to see the moving and there was never a problem. I also will not be participating in the challenges. Just reading and enjoying and counting votes.

Seriously, that mascot--
Okay that about wraps up the FAQ! Got a question to add to it? Post it here!

& Affiliates

Do you maintain a writing challenge community, or Bleach info comm, and want to affiliate with me and pimp each other out by listing one another on our info page? That's so nice! Go go tell me that here!

Current affiliates:

12th_division & 20_souls & 6_15 & arrancar_fans & asterisk_plus & bleach_exchange & bleach_liners & bleach_pairings & brain_breakage & bleachorus & division_11 & hitsuhina & ishi_ichi & ishidafansanon & karakura_chaos & ken_yachiru & quincy_papa & renji_rukia & shiyori & smoking_bleach & tobiume_ & tough_lovin & urahara_shouten & yo_ur & yorusoi & zaraki_fans

& Challenges

Challenge 01 - Chpt. 001 - "Death & Strawberry"
Challenge 02 - Chpt. 090 - "See You Under a Firework"
Challenge 03 - Chpt. 034 - "Quincy Archer Hates You"
Challenge 04 - Chpt. 075 - "Rain of Blood"
Challenge 05 - Chpt. 031 - "Heroes Can Save You"
Challenge 06 - Chpt. 123 - "Pledge My Pride To"